Luxury Gifts

These gifts are meant for the milestone birthday, incredible achievement or a very special thank you. Giving should always bring joy to the recipient and sometimes the best gift is an experience or item that leaves a lasting memory. Some special experiences can also have charitable elements that make the gift even more special.   


Porcelain Popcorn Sculpture

This piece by LA artist Pae White is perfect for the screening room. No two are the same and come in gold glaze or platinum. Contact 1301PE Gallery to get on the waiting list:


ROE Caviar monograms

The ROE Caviar Monogram is perfect for the elite epicurean. They ship their California white sturgeon caviar to the top people on your holiday list in their chic wooden boxes.


Seal For a Day

This is such a unique gift - perfect for the daring! Led by former US Navy Seals, learn all about their on-duty experiences and how to shoot handguns, assault rifles and more with emphasis on safety and skill building.


Season Tickets to the Theater

We are both very involved in the arts and love giving out season tickets to the theater as a gift. The recipient gets to choose from a number of dates, shows, times, etc. - perfect for someone with a busy schedule! 


V-Lux Typ 114 Explorer Kit

For the passionate photographer, this explorer kit by Leica comes with its own ONA Bowery camera bag. The camera is pretty versatile and is great for amateurs or professionals. Say Cheese! 



For the Mahjong player, this set in light pink shagreen is absolutely stunning - an instant heirloom! 

Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 10.59.29 AM.png

Stave Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

These jigsaw puzzles make the perfect gift for that friend or family member who loves a good puzzle. Stave Wooden's jigsaw puzzles are fully customizable. You can have any image, color, or silhouettes and they can make it challenging beyond belief or just simply entertaining. 

Photo credit: Stave Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

Photo credit: Stave Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles