Mark Grotjahn & David Hockney at LACMA

There are two shows worth seeing at LACMA this summer that sit side by side in the Broad Contemporary Art Museum. One is Mark Grotjahn’s “50 Kitchens”, comprised of 50 of his “butterfly works” completed in different color variations. The story goes that his wife, Jen Guidi asked him to create a butterfly piece for their kitchen. We're not sure which color combination hangs next to their refrigerator now, but the exhibit itself is magnificent and truly breathtaking.  Closes August 19, 2018



Fifty is also the magic number for David Hockney’s 82 portraits and one still life. As portraits are seminal to his body of work, these provide an intimate look at noteworthy people that he has known in his last 50 years from museum directors, art dealers, other artists and his housekeepers. The one still life of some fruit on a bench was painted when one of his friends had to reschedule her studio visit. Closes July 29, 2018