Best Fragrance

We love discovering new fragrances.  Here are few of our latest finds: 

Santal 33 by Le Labo

With a cedarwood, leather, and sandalwood base topped with a violet and cardamom accord, this scent will have people stopping you left and right! 

En Passant & Cologne Indélébile by Frederic Malle 

Frederic Malle creates luxury fragrances as well as invites world acclaimed perfumers to join him to invent new scents. En Passant features fresh floral notes and Cologne Indélébile is a unisex scent that smells very clean and modern. 

  En Passant by FREDERIC MALLE



La Tulipe & Inflorescence by BYREDO

While very sweet, La Tuple is such a beautiful scent. Inflorescence on the other hand is floral, but not powdery.
The BYREDO hair perfumes are a great touch for a night out. 


Sens by Diptyque 

This unisex scent is inspired by orange blossom with a bit of spice and powder.