Gaby's Go-To Blends

Gaby Dalkin is a food and lifestyle writer, cookbook author, private chef based in Los Angeles, and founder of What’s Gaby Cooking. She teamed up with William Sonoma to create “Gaby’s Go To Blend”, made up of the perfect combination of garlic, herbs and peppery spices and is a delicious complement to salmon, chicken, vegetables and just about anything else! It does contain salt, so you’ll want to take this into account and adjust your salt amounts accordingly when cooking. We highly recommend you add it to your kitchen immediately! 


Gaby has also come up with a blend called “This is Everything” which is a mélange of all the good things you would find sprinkled atop an everything bagel — savory garlic, onion, crunchy poppy seeds and toasted white and black sesame seeds. This deconstructed seasoning blend is divine on anything from avocado toast to salad to roasted vegetables, or even as a topping for some hummus dip.