What We Buy at Erewhon Market

We’re obsessed with Erewhon’s sustainable groceries and organic prepared foods. It’s hands-down our favorite market in LA and we’re sharing all of our must-buys below.


Pitaya Bowl at the Smoothie Bar

A less sweet alternative to the açaí bowI. I skip the coconut and add the gluten-free granola.


Papa Steve’s No Junk Raw Protein Bars

These are very tasty and high in protein with no junk - they’re gluten, dairy, wheat and soy free, no GMO and only contain raw living food. Our favorites are the Blueberry Almond Crunch and Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip. These are also available to purchase online via Papa Steve’s website.


Erewhon Organic Cafe Tortilla Chips

These are made fresh and seasoned so well. They usually sell out by noon so arrive early if you’re looking for these!


BBQ Chicken Pizza Slices

Iconic and delicious. These slices are great to grab for a quick and easy lunch or dinner.


Homemade Soups

You can’t go wrong with any soup at Erewhon as each one is bursting with flavor and made fresh. We love that the prepared soups are sold in glass mason jars.


White Bean Kale Salad

Fresh, light and amazing. It’s our go-to on a warm LA day.


Apricot Lane Eggs

An Erewhon favorite. These eggs come from chickens that forage on fresh green pastures - following sheep and cows in rotational grazing, which provides a very diverse diet - in addition to their organic feed and apple cider vinegar in their water.


Paleo Bread 

Tasty, gluten-free and packed with protein.


Buffalo Cauliflower

Delicious, plant-based, organic and vegan!

Photo credit: Pinterest

Photo credit: Pinterest

Blue Pearl Almond Milk

Erewhon’s Blue Pearl Almond Milk contains E3Live (a blue-green algae to help boost the immune system and fight inflammation) and chlorophyll. It’s rich in protein and a great source for vitamins and minerals. It also benefits the skin and aids in digestion.