Hostess Gifts

We are always trying to find the perfect thing to bring to our friends for parties or just to say “Thank you”. We especially like giving things we find special and different. Every hostess will love these unique and useful gifts all year long. 


Hudson Grace Kumquat Dish Soap

This soap by Hudson Grace not only cleans the dishes well, but the smell is so good it's addicting. The packaging looks great just sitting out on the counter too. 



These little gems make the perfect give for any occasion. They are hand blown glass votive holders or drinkers in a wide array of colors from soft neutrals to vibrant brights. Mix and match to create the most stunning tabletop look or liven up your bar. We love that a portion of the proceeds goes to charity. 


The Laundress Products

We love everything about The Laundress products, especially the stain remover and the Le Labo Collaboration for the best smelling laundry ever. They have a helpful website which will walk you through any laundry dilemma. The hand soap and bleach alternative are also favorites.

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Colorful Backgammon

This beautiful and artistic backgammon set will keep everyone entertained and happy for hours. It looks great just sitting on a table too.



Rummikub is a family favorite of ours and comes in a box or travel case so you can bring it with you everywhere. This game is perfect for all ages.

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Crinkled Bag Vase

The ceramic art piece is such a great gift because it not only holds a small bouquet, but it adds a whimsical touch to your table.


Deluscious Cookies

Send these delicious homemade cookies (and milk if local) for any occasion from “Get Well Soon” to “Welcome to the Neighborhood”. The whole family will love you!

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Jan de Luz

Presented in a clean wooden box, these are the most beautiful, custom dish towels and napkin sets. You can customize with an initial or icon. This is a very special thank you gift for a weekend visit.


Fleur Candles

The Modern Holiday candle is such a wonderful scent for the holidays and beyond. We also love Tiare which gives you the feeling of being in Tahiti.


Clare V

These leather coasters (set of 4) come in various color combinations and can be monogrammed as well!


The Bell People

Authentic sleigh bells to hang on your door. The beautiful tone of these bells fills your house with the holiday spirit every time a guest arrives.



Do you have any go-to hostess gifts?