Let's keep the bugs away!


Superband Premium Insect Repellent Bracelets

These bands are DEET-free and last up to 250 hours. Put them on your wrists and ankles when it’s buggy out! Order a box of 50 and keep them in a basket by the door.


Citronella Sea Salt Outdoor Incense

This insect repellent is great to stick in a bucket of sand while entertaining or just enjoying a glass of wine outside. It masks the smells that biting insects are attracted to.


Hanging Citronella Coil

Light up one end to slowly burn the coil which will let off a steady stream of citronella-infused smoke. The lemon scent will mask the human odors that make you enticing to mosquitos! This not only works as a bug repellent - it makes for an eye-catching decoration.


Lauren’s All Purpose Salve

Too late? This organic multipurpose moisturizer has healing and protective properties and can be used all over the body, including face and hair. The formula helps to prevent ingrown hairs and red bumps, and soothe sunburns, peeling skin, bug bites, and eczema.


Bounce Dryer Sheets

Jennifer’s mother-in-law swears by good old fashioned regular scent Bounce to ward of bugs while hiking! Simply tuck a sheet into a sock or the collar of your shirt or the waistband of your pants…you can also rub the sheets all over your skin for bug repellent.


GUCCI Ace embroidered leather sneakers

Now these are the bees you’ll want to keep close by all summer!