Hillflint was founded by two college graduates to remind us of the nostalgia so many of us feel about our alma maters. And although our college years often become an indelible part of our identity, many of the keepsakes meant to commemorate these times are ephemeral. Founders Woody Hines and John Shi wanted to create something that could endure the years ahead and outlive all those standard souvenir T-shirts that tend to fade over time. They have partnered with 120 universities as well as MLB and NBA teams to do just that.

Hillflint has partnered with 120 universities and quite a few MLB and NBA teams to provide the best gear for your favorite sports teams, crafted with the softest and most durable yarns. All of their sweaters and sweatshirts have a classic aesthetic and make the perfect gift for anyone.

We especially love their cashmere hoodies, perfect for cool Autumn days.