In Pieces by Sally Field

Finding this book at our local Amazon Books, we were expecting a flavorless auto-biography of this actress about whom we knew very little. However, it ended up being quite the opposite. We picked it up because we loved Sally Field’s first gig, “Gidget”, but her book extends much farther than just one experience. She speaks to her traumatic family upbringing, as well as to her journey of creating a family of her own and everything that has made her who she is today. We were further surprised to find that this seemingly happy-go-lucky actress we knew simply as ‘Gidget’ is a multi-dimensional, extremely talented, ambitious and troubled person. Entirely inspiring and totally heart-wrenching, this book confirms that Sally Field knows how to tell a story — especially her own. We highly recommend this book to anyone interested in hearing the inner thoughts of a working actress, a dedicated mother and, at times, a naive woman. She finds her way, her feelings, and herself in the chapters of this book, making it a riveting read.

Kenzie GallagherComment